What You Should Know About Claiming Compensation After Disturbance

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Compensation lawyers can help with the filing and resolution of compensation claims after disturbance. As a dispossessed owner, you are eligible to seek compensation when you are forced to vacate your land; which is a process that will run smoother with a lawyer in your corner.

One test that compensation lawyers must prove in your disturbance claim is that the items for which you are claiming compensation have been "reasonably incurred." Here is a quick look at what this entails and what you should prove.

1.      The Economic Losses Are a Direct Consequence of the Disturbance

Compensation lawyers work to establish a direct relationship between the economic losses you are claiming compensation for and the taking of the land. You may lose out on a portion of the compensation if you cannot prove that the loss is a natural or an immediate consequence of the disturbance.

2.      Justification of the Claimed Items

Engage your compensation lawyers to help you file invoices for the disturbance items covering costs that have already been incurred. For items that you anticipate to incur, you should get at least two quotes or estimates prepared by a trustworthy professional.

How Much?

With regards to exactly how much you should receive in compensation following disturbance, the primary consideration is the value of the land. Compensation lawyers can help with getting you in touch with an independent value assessor.

Apart from the land value, you can claim compensation to cover costs arising from the disturbance. These include, but are not limited to the following:

1)     Removal Expenses

This covers the cost of moving from the land, especially if you had set up a house or business.

2)     Loss of Profits

If you had a business set up in the dispossessed land, then you can claim compensation for loss of profits resulting from interruption of normal business operations.

3)     Cost of Buying and Setting Up a Replacement Property

You will incur a great expense in acquiring a new piece of property for your home or business. Compensation lawyers will help you file all financial costs associated with this purchase, including the mortgage payments and connection fees for different utilities.

4)     Preparation of Compensation Claim Costs

Your compensation lawyers and other professionals, such as valuers, that are in one way or the other involved in the preparation of your claim also need compensation for their services. Professional compensation lawyers can explain best what you can expect going forward and represent you in obtaining reasonable compensation.

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